You're home to finding relief in the fact that you're not alone. You along with millions of others are currently chained to your desk lying to yourself about the fulfillment your job gives you.

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Did you ever want to know what makes your coworker tick? Interested in understanding why your boss is such a prick? Well visit our handy personnel guide and learn more about the ticks and pricks you work with!

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Keep up to date on all your coworkers feelings, thoughts, problems and office drama. Read about their general complaints and questioning of their own personal worth.

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Are you living the cube life?

  • Are you doing the 9 - 5 grind?
  • Did your job require a college education you never use, but now have endless monthly payments on?
  • Do you ever wonder if what you do even matters?
  • Are you surrounded by colors that are so neutral they are becoming offensive?
  • Is your work space made up of temporary walls which can be easily moved offshore to surround someone willing to work for poverty wages?
  • Are your raises below inflation gradually forcing you deeper in deeper in to debt?
  • Is the unbreakable glass ceiling so low it's crushing you?

If you've answered yes to any of these questions than you're in luck, you're living the cube life. Stay a while and enjoy!


Welcome to the rest of your life!