Making a Difference

I’ve always dreamed of making a difference in my life. I feel working in a call center I’m really making that dream come true. I mean I must help hundreds of people a day. I mean yeah, most of their problems are related to the poor products we design and sell, but without me how would these people get by?

Take for example that elderly woman I helped earlier with her new wifi connected crock pot. Sure she just wanted to make a nice beef stew for her and her husband. And when she bought the new kitchen appliance, she had no idea she was paying twice as much for wifi capabilities she doesn’t understand just so our corporate masters can spy on her slow cooking activities. So what if I even scammed her into buying one of new over priced wifi routers she also doesn’t know how to use. I sure felt good after I got her all set up to maybe, sometime later in the week, after she fights with her new wireless router issues, sit down with her husband and enjoy some comforting slow cooking.

I mean right I did make a difference right? Right?

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