New Year Goals

This morning I decided to stop and get my own coffee. Just imagine the horror I suffered when I found myself standing in line waiting. I mean don’t these fucking baristas have any idea how valuable my time is? I get paid more per hour than they get in an entire month ungrateful peasants.

And don’t get me started on the filthy customers that I was forced to stand in line with. I mean couldn’t these people tell how important I was? Not a single one bothered to let me go first. I am very important and my needs come first!

No one would dare force me to wait in line for a coffee at work. They understand how very very important I am. Where would the company be without me? I mean I didn’t found it or anything. And really the majority of the company’s growth and success was prior to me taking office as CEO, but never mind that. Now that I’m here they depend on my leadership.

I’m not sure what came over me this morning thinking I should mingle with people of such lack of respect and low earnings, but I vow to avoid such interactions going forward.

Author: The CEO

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